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Want the Ideal You? Trust Our Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Results

Cosmetic surgery isn’t something to try on a whim. You want to find someone you can trust. Someone who has the credentials and experience to put you at ease, and who can prove their skill to you by showing you real results on real people. Someone like Dr. Justin Yovino.

When you come in to meet with Dr. Yovino for your consultation, he and the staff of Ideal Face and Body will make sure that you receive individualized attention and work with you to create a plan that’s as unique as you are. By speaking with our experts and helping them to get to know your desires, we can narrow down which types of procedures will help to bring out the ideal you and ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the results.

We’ve done this for countless people in and around Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area, most of whom you would probably never suspect because the work is so seamless. If you’re tired of dreaming about being your best and want to see some real results, we’re here to help.

When you want to look and feel your best, you need to work with the best – that’s Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Justin Yovino. And you don’t have to take our word for it – our clients are quite vocal about how happy they are.

Why Cosmetic Surgery? Effortless Beauty Takes Work

It’s well-known that Beverly Hills is home to many of the most beautiful people in the world, but what many don’t realize is that a lot of those gorgeous features don’t come naturally. Only an incredibly small percentage of people are born with “perfect” bodies and faces, and you’d be surprised by how many of them still have work done to continue looking their best.

Everyone should strive to eat well, stay in shape, and otherwise take good care of their bodies and health. That’s a given. But even the most intense exercise regimen and strictest diets can only do so much, and though the beauty industry is continually coming up with ways to mask, enhance, and improve what you’ve already got with makeup, creams, push-up bras, and clothing designed to slim and tone, sometimes it’s just not enough.

Maybe you’ve been trying and trying, but you just can’t get rid of belly fat. Or your veins have gotten more and more prominent as you’ve aged and you just don’t like it. Perhaps it’s something that you have no hope of changing on your own like the shape of your nose. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, plastic surgery is a way for you to give nature a helping hand, and at Ideal Face and Body, that’s our goal.

We know that having a procedure done isn’t just about looking better for most people, but also feeling better. Dr. Yovino understands that someone coming in for a tummy tuck or breast augmentation isn’t just trying to improve that specific thing about themselves, but actually see someone they like more when they look in the mirror and when others see them. Cosmetic enhancements can make you feel better about yourself, and this in turn can increase your level of confidence and even help you to become more successful. And even beyond looking and feeling good, there are certain cosmetic procedures that people actually need for health reasons, such as breast reductions. The best way to learn about how plastic surgery can improve your life is to speak with us directly.

No Enhancement is Too Big or Too Small

Don’t be afraid that the work you want done is too small for us to bother with or too big for us to handle. We’ve successfully helped people with all kinds of needs and specialize in all sorts of procedures, including:

Face Procedures

Body Procedures




Some clients decide to only have a single procedure done to clear up a particular issue they want dealt with, while others work with us to develop a package of treatments specifically for them. Whatever your desires, we can work with you. Dr. Yovino even provides hand surgery to those who need it.

We Strive to Help Find the Ideal You

Some people are afraid to try cosmetic surgery or worry about being able to afford it, but we work hard to make it easy for our patients. Your initial consultation with us is always free, and we try to make your visit as comfortable as possible by providing reading material and refreshments while you wait to speak with the doctor.

Once your consultation begins, Dr. Yovino’s goal is to make you feel relaxed and open so that you can talk honestly about what you want to achieve and what you’re concerned about. He’ll walk you through exactly what’s going to happen so that you can know what to expect at every step along the way, and make sure that you have time to ask any questions that you have.

Is money a concern? Our patient coordinator will be happy to discuss the various financing options that we have available and come up with a plan that works for you and your budget. We understand that you have other obligations, and want to come up with a plan that you can feel good about.

Worried about fitting surgery into your schedule? Don’t be. We know that many of our clients are very busy people and will do our best to work around anything else that you’ve got going on.

The ideal you is waiting. All you have to do to get one step closer is schedule a consultation today by filling out our short contact form or calling us at 424. 281.4328. You’ve got nothing to lose – but everything to gain.