Dr. Justin Yovino – Your Sculptra Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

We’ve all been there: You greet an old friend at a cocktail party or other gathering in Los Angeles, and the recent facelift is so painfully and unnaturally obvious that it becomes the elephant in the room. No one knows what to say or if anything should be said at all. And, it may be that such awkwardness has discouraged you from pursuing any kind of plastic surgery in the Los Angeles area. However, not every cosmetic procedure yields such unnatural results, and with the right cosmetic surgeon, you can walk confidently into your next Los Angeles gathering looking more beautifully radiant than ever before without anyone suspecting that it’s been the work of your Los Angeles plastic surgeon. One way in which Dr. Justin Yovino, well-known for his cosmetic surgery prowess, can accomplish this for you is with Sculptra injections.

Dr. Justin Yovino – Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

Premier among Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, Dr. Yovino understands that you didn’t age overnight, so you may not want to have a drastic change to your appearance occur overnight, even if the change makes you look younger and more vibrant. Many patients prefer a more subtle transformation so that the change is less noticeable and more discreet. Sculptra provides the perfect opportunity to turn the clock back on your facial appearance in a gradual manner that yields stunning results.

As Dr. Yovino will explain when you visit with him for an initial consultation, Sculptra provides a one-time treatment program for patients with healthy immune systems. Sculptra treatments consist of a series of up to four injections to fill out the area around the nose and lips in order to remove lines and wrinkles. It is most effective at eliminating the deep folds between the nose and the mouth that some people refer to as “smile lines.” Sculptra has also proven to be effective at erasing the lines that frame the mouth, sometimes called marionette lines and also at getting rid of chin wrinkles.

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery – Replacing Lost Collagen

Dr. Yovino knows that collagen is what keeps your skin healthy, young, and smooth. As your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, he also knows that your body decreases its production of collagen as you age and that is what begins to cause wrinkles and lines. Consequently, Dr. Yovino, your cosmetic surgeon in the Los Angeles area, uses Sculptra to replace your body’s lost collagen to gain a more youthful and refined appearance. While every patient is different, and you will want to discuss your own unique situation with Dr. Yovino, the effects of Sculptra can last more than two years in many patients.

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Of course, every patient is different and will respond to treatment differently. Dr. Yovino is happy to meet with his patients to discuss whether or not Sculptra is your best option. Regardless of which plastic surgery options you may choose to employ, you can rest assured that Dr. Yovino has the experience and knowledge necessary to renew, revitalize, and refresh your body and your look. If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Yovino, fill out our contact form or contact our Beverly Hills office at 424.281.4328. Dr. Yovino is Beverly Hills’ premier board-certified plastic surgeon, and he can help you to achieve the beauty you desire.